Friday, October 22, 2010

Process Assessment: the need for some "quick success"?

Friends started to pay attention more and more "process-oriented performance" rather than "sector-oriented performance", they talked about more and more systematic process for performance system, concerned about how the performance appraisal from three established model that KPI / BSC / EVA overall switch to "process-oriented performance system," process indicators set how complex formula be careful. I would like, you can borrow Yi Zhongtian's "Breaking and Entering on aesthetics," the topic to talk about my views.

Comprehensive assessment too early

Yi Zhongtian "Breaking and Entering on aesthetics" of the title, is trying to differentiate itself from "the system of attention to the aesthetic framework elaborated." He is concerned for the reader, what new fun and aesthetics and to enhance the individual, it is worth spending a afternoon tea time, spent 20-dollars for the book to see.

I borrowed "Breaking and Entering," the formulation, is to clarify the "systematic and comprehensive process-oriented framework for the assessment," for 99.9% of Chinese companies too early, do not have soil. Why?

For example, the human resources department generally agreed that the system's comprehensive framework of assessment is job and nothing, but how many business people familiar with the processes responsible for human resources, for the process, the process has been cordial and Shunian, and urgent to be undertaken "systematic and comprehensive process-oriented framework for the evaluation well"? I saw the reality is that, when connected to corporate human resources training of extension staff person in charge of the phone, many HR processes are talking do not know what to do with their daily job design / What is the relationship between performance pay.

Therefore, to implement the "process-oriented assessment," we should pay more attention to how cut into, how fast effective, how not to assessment and evaluation, but to process change is good, good performance change. Broke down the door, there is something "broke foot, get in the door to be considered that kicked success" means.

Provide quick business process

As to how the "system process-oriented framework of job design / performance pay", I suggest look at whether an enterprise to meet two prerequisites: it is the top 100 Chinese enterprises, whether corporate executives and HR each person has to "met with the flow particularly pro "level. Otherwise, the talks also white talk, talk.

So, how cut into, how fast it effective? I briefly list a few suggestions.

1. Toying with the assessment, first find a pressing process, the performance record of this process the situation. We have to go to find problems in the record: When this process over the performance of good / bad / stable / unstable factors are. There are a lot of homework is worth doing.

2. Process performance indicators, not the many and complex, even with the weighted formula, the key is to find a concise, insightful, and not for final output indicators of the sector perspective. This indicator should be to research thoroughly, and needs a lot of work. For example, AMT advice in helping a fast moving consumer goods companies to optimize new product process, they found only for the "new product success rates" that there are a lot of work to do. Because of what is new products, even not the same understanding of the enterprise, not to mention the beginning of the "new product success rates" have the same understanding of the. Another example, a company would like to measure HR in the "morale" the positive role, just put a traffic light button factory gate, the staff of tightness on by the "red", the air is crisp on the press "Green" - What a " Breaking and Entering "charm!

3. Can record one or two key processes and assessment up very good, and does not require evaluation of all processes are carried out. To pursue short-term results, with facts, the time is right will be extended to all natural processes. Divert all dilutive to all processes can be compared to a grass nest which hatch 1000 eggs, which are sterile chicken estimates. For this to two key processes, process optimization seminar should be a routine of regularly oriented, control data recorded every two weeks, think about how optimization in the end. Not for assessment and evaluation, and ultimately to business-oriented.

4. Process indicators of who is back? Some people can not self-consciously to the back, then the process manager / owner / owner who, in this role have sufficient authority and charm, in the process on to lead, organize the resources of other departments.

If a business process, the various departments who are not satisfied with who you are, even the top leaders, such as deputy speaker, then the process-oriented system of evaluation and then pretty gorgeous, and only number one is the real vice or process manager / owner by the government crushed a large one, not the authorization process in place, that time is the rule of man. The present situation, if not the sole responsibility of each department, you can consider setting up a committee to be responsible, who is the Chairman of the committee, who was involved, the number of participants is odd or even, what decision-making mechanism, many details of the worth of . In a capital city of China Mobile, their examination by the two departmental management, business-oriented, performance, process assessment, implementation by the Operations; for human development, enhance the overall ability and quality assessment, from HR to implement .

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