Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Find out the psychological make promotions

As the old saying goes: hard to picture painted dragon tiger bone, 鐭ヤ汉鐭ラ潰涓嶇煡蹇? Shows how human psychology is hidden and difficult to know, the fighting line in the market, the colleagues should be more deeply impressed, even the best market conditions, even the best planning programs need to understand customer psychology to homeopathy after the application or the effective implementation, to understand consumer psychology to do after a market is often very easy. A recent promotion, the customer presents a Shopping guide and wonderful psychological warfare between.


September 2009 to early October, a furniture manufacturer brand made for the wedding of a large crowd promotions, most of the activities in the country has made very good results can be only in the northern city of response is not T- good. After an investigation that turned out to be a problem with the bedroom package, this package of promotional content bedroom is price: 9200 yuan's "leather bed frame + Mattress + + row + 2 bedside cabinets bedding" special package priced at just 5,600 yuan. Promotional efforts really large one, to attract many customers, is the final transaction may be very low, nearly a month of promotion to sell a set period of time only. Nearly 90% of customers will ask two questions:

First, the package within two bedside cabinets and bed styles do not match, the shape does not look good bedside cabinet, put together a very far-fetched, can not cheaper to buy two for favorite bedside not make do, right?

Second, the price reduction will make the request: it is cheaper again, 5600 is too expensive, I bought 4,000 yuan.

Analysis and Adjustment

Faced with this situation, I organize the store manager and staff to do the detailed analysis, and reached the following conclusions and adjustment measures.

T City customer's spending habits and psychological: T City is located in the North China Plain, has a very strong heavy industrial base, strong purchasing power per capita consumption is relatively rational and general promotional activities such as buying gifts is not a cold, psychological bargaining is "Do not send things I reject, the minimum amount of money you say it?." Even if the business of special hit the minimum, even without making any profit, minus the consumer can make you money, or basic will not buy.

I Analysis: Chinese consumers bargain shopping is a normal phenomenon, in the building materials market in other large and small brands can appropriate more money or get points by small things, if the price on your family insist the situation is unchanged would be very difficult, unless your brand is already in a very strong position. In order to stabilize prices, to control market prices, we can not choose to cut prices, but we can make full use of gifts - to give customers some of the other items to meet their taking advantage of the psychological. The promotion of the core point of customer questions is "price and bedside cabinet", in such circumstances we have made the appropriate transform the way marketing, customer-psychological adjustment program.



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