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Paladin 4 broken off thoughts (1)

It took 53 hours. Finally broke their four finishes. On the plot. Characters. Outcome will have different ideas.

Is written to share with you ..

From the figures began. Because the Milky Way with a chain story. So his thoughts together to write reflections Jiugen story. Next free then upload @ @

Han Ling yarn - against the tragic fate of

Mr Ngai said: "The unexpected result is not a tragedy. The real tragedy. Is clear that to go down that road. The result is tragedy. But still have to go down that road."

Link yarn itself. Is a classic tragedy

She was only a 17-year-old girl. Hearty generous. Lovely. Hearted. But in order to get rid of short-lived HAN family curse. Have drug laws since the foot journey to find eternal youth.

She did not know why the beginning was that Han will be a curse. Just very hard to find ways to change the fate. "Nitian" This theme completely on her show

The fate or destiny is a joke. She also has a "day of my life I will not help," the idea of Tianhe acquaintance. Touch Wangshu sword. More of a joy in life. But also deepened her tragedy

Although she was always angry and have nothing to say Milky Way. While the patient is always in the hearts of meditation. But it is undeniable. Her interaction with the Milky Way. Unconsciously cultivate deep yoke. Tianhe the world's most people understand Perhaps it was her .. (Milky Way can be translated to say .. "can not find wearing shoes. no shoes on to found the" This is a classic a case of two sentences. XDD)

Then understand the dream glass. They gradually from the initial Dan desert to sisterly friendship. Know purple English. The first and purple is her English dialogue. The first to know purple English. A friend is also her

Four together. Lingsha the idea of increasing the negative changes. From the beginning piano Kyi met. Listening to the sound of the piano to her. Thinking about her experience. So to say: "If you really want to and separated from a loved one. I prefer not to know him a start. "this is the case.

When the full moon to the King Wah School. Become: "I think a lot. Previous to think of it will be very hard to accept things. But many have a clear insight of the most important thing is not .. the people and things around. The is a person's state of mind. "

Thus, changing her mind. See become open. After hit by bombshell. Mengli leave. Past the truth clear. And when to break Xiao Xuan. Is she encourages the British Tianhe and purple. Even know duong tho short. Even if Wang Shu sword will harm the suffering she died. she say: "I hope. .. a few months regardless of their own can Huoduo Jiu. several tens day oersted does not matter. As long as we live happily. Do not think sad thing .. "

For her. As long as the memory in her. .. She had to meet their duong tho so willing to breakage. Presented to the Milky Way Shooting bow. Just hope Milky Way do not forget her .. so willing to give up their firmly believes that one can change the fate of the mind. Tianhe them not just to take risk again for her ..

Finally. In Qingluan the peak. She finally admitted that Milky Way is the most important person in her heart. The Milky Way's most important is her heart

Finally. Despite her grave. But above and the Milky Way clear that she has married. Tianhe side also has to always be with her. Would not let her lonely tomb built for himself. And the sword next to the tomb of Wang Shu. Also have two butterfly. .. Shuangsushuangfei teacher on the street dancing ...

Lingsha last days must be very happy

Although she is a tragedy. But it is also the happiest comedy

(True to say we can only say too much on the soft sadness = =.. engage in such a way not get a hundred years later .. .. Lingsha only human. Hundred years later, of course, do not get one she died .. and the Milky Way's plan to make up for her happy life ...)


Murong Purple English - Gao Jie Xia indomitable spirit

He is four to change the most. He started the cold sweat .. I really like to see Du Gu Jiong Yu Yun .. .. but then he truly is a purple-British. To be his own

He early. Is completely old-fashioned big blocks of ice .. see not hesitate to kill demons. On the Milky Way also harshly. But also when dealing with them. Not conscious of the change.

At first he only felt Milky Way unscrupulousness. But then know it is true to the Milky Way. Outspoken performance

Four adventures together. Experienced. Full of purple never thought of all the British. Four lanterns in Jimo see fireworks. Mutual understanding at that moment. Must be the happiest beautiful purple hearts British time. So Qionghua Tour when the month. purple deep hope that the Milky Way they leave Britain. are doing at the moment and under Lingsha convention: when a happy Sword

In Juchao country. Purple and Milky Way sub-concept of the British because three break. Even so. But the Purple English should calm down later thinking: monster really have got to be? He. Is wrong?

So they came back in the Milky Way. Has been secretly guarding them. They also want a good

Later. That glass is a dream demon. Qionghua camp was also found for the unscrupulous on Cultivation. In the spirit world when the sky clear to him said: "Whether it is a monster is human. Dead as a ghost after all .. you are now humans. next life might become demons. That's what you keep it not ridiculous? "

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